Episode #82: JFK Assassination Expert Jefferson Morley - Part 2

Guest: Jefferson Morley - Author and editor of JFK Facts

Author and former Washington Post reporter Jefferson Morley, one of the world’s most credible authorities on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, joins the podcast for the second of a two part episode to talk all about the JFK assassination. Mr. Morley is the editor of the blog JFK Facts (jfkfacts.org).

In this episode, Morley and Dr. Bill Kanasky discuss video and audio from the day of the assassination plus Jim Garrison and the trial of Clay Shaw. They talk about if there were other threats or attempts on JFK's life before Dallas and why the withholding of documents related to the assassination continues to this day. Morley and Kanasky discuss the KGB and Soviet reaction to the assassination, origin of the term "grassy knoll", who was Jack Ruby, the single bullet theory, where is President Kennedy's brain, the CIA's files on Oswald, what remains in the files that have yet to be released, and more.