Episode #88 - Litigation and Insurance Defense

Chantal Roberts, Principal & CEO, CMR Consulting

Chantal Roberts, Principal & CEO of CMR Consulting, joins the podcast to talk about litigation and the insurance industry. Chantal serves as an expert witness for claims handling standards and procedures and has a wealth of knowledge about the claims process. Chantal and Dr. Bill Kanasky, Jr. talk about the shortsightedness of the insurance defense industry and what the reasoning is behind how insurance companies approach litigation. They discuss how an investment earlier in the litigation process by insurance companies could manifest in significant cost savings. They talk about how claims departments adjust claims, the relationship between primary carriers and excess carriers and how they can, and should, work together and collaborate for better outcomes. Lastly, Chantal shares her perspective on the workload that adjusters manage, the burnout, and how that leads to the mishandling of files.