Episode #89 - Evolution of the Trucking Industry

Guest: Jay Blobner - Sr. Safety & Risk Manager, International Transportation Services

Jay Blobner, Senior Safety & Risk Manager with International Transportation Services Inc., joins the podcast to speak with Steve Wood, Ph.D. about how the trucking industry has changed over the years. Jay shares a bit about his extensive experience in the transportation field and talks about the changes he has seen in the trucking industry over the years. He also gives his thoughts on what he would like to see the industry put more focus on and the biggest challenges he sees in the trucking industry. Steve and Jay talk about how important it is for defense attorneys who are working with trucking clients to know and understand the trucking and transportation industry and how investing in learning more about the industry builds their credibility and helps them during litigation. They also discuss nuclear verdicts and Jay shares what he's implemented to do more due diligence on drivers prior to hiring and what he emphasizes during onboarding and training. Lastly, Steve and Jay share their thoughts on the opportunities to better market and promote the value that truck drivers and the trucking industry deliver.