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Experienced trial attorneys and paralegals know how critical third-party record retrieval is, yet they also understand how exhausting these non-legal tasks can be. Securing medical, billing, court, employment, or any other record type is a tedious, time-consuming task that can cause delays in the discovery process and frustration for those involved in the retrieval process. 

Non-legal chores that drain the time of trial attorneys and paralegals are a burden that law firms don’t need to endure. At Courtroom Sciences, we believe that your clients benefit the most from you and your paralegals focusing on the vital legal activities of your case. With decades of experience, you can trust our skilled team of litigation support experts to contact custodians to retrieve any third-party record quickly and accurately.

Streamlined records retrieval from Courtroom Sciences drives efficiency, adds expertise, and provides peace of mind. Courtroom Sciences is dedicated to helping every paralegal and attorney quickly and efficiently meet their litigation support needs to provide a superior level of service to their clients.

How can legal teams reduce records retrieval costs?

Records, including medical or insurance records, are crucial components of many complex cases and trials, and record retrieval is a time-consuming activity for legal teams. By using a company that specializes in records retrieval, law firms can more efficiently allocate the time and effort spent by their attorneys and paralegal staff to higher-value activities. Working with a records retrieval provider can streamline operations and ultimately reduce expenses to the client. 


Benefit #1: Drive Efficiency 

Streamlined records retrieval can make a tremendous difference in your case, helping you efficiently and accurately retrieve records from custodians nationwide. Yet, records retrieval is a task that can hinder productivity and leave trial attorneys, paralegals, and staff feeling overburdened. Utilizing litigation support services for records retrieval eliminates that burden and frees time for legal teams to focus on more strategic tasks, ultimately increasing productivity and efficiency.

The expert support staff at Courtroom Sciences works with locations across the country daily. That means we often have all of the details necessary to quickly contact the custodian to serve the subpoena or authorization to begin the record retrieval process. Once an order is received, the litigation support services team at Courtroom Sciences works quickly and efficiently to draft the subpoena or authorization to deliver to the custodian. In addition, our team has a specific process for custodian outreach with a focus on moving along any custodians who may be slow in providing their records. 

Benefit #2: Add Expertise

Record retrieval can be highly time-consuming and frequently involves multiple follow-up phone calls or emails to get the necessary information. Additionally, any mistakes in the record retrieval process, such as a form that is filled out incorrectly or sent to the wrong place, can result in severe delays and may affect the outcome of the case. 

Our dependable litigation support services are based on years of expertise and knowledge for retrieving records quickly and efficiently. The experts at Courtroom Sciences know precisely what to file and who to contact to ensure that your documents are produced promptly, helping you achieve superior litigation outcomes.

At Courtroom Sciences, not only does our team manage all aspects of third-party record retrieval, but we also have the expertise to domesticate subpoenas when that need arises as an added benefit as well. 

Benefit #3: Provides Peace of Mind

Record retrieval is an integral part of many cases, yet it is also a tedious activity for paralegals. Letting Courtroom Sciences handle records retrieval can provide peace of mind for law firms. Courtroom Sciences takes on the drafting of the subpoenas while ensuring all rules of civil procedure are adhered to for different jurisdictions. 

The experts at Courtroom Sciences also review all retrieved records to ensure nothing is left out. As records are received, they are reviewed and uploaded to CSI Cortex® for client access and review, allowing trial attorneys and paralegals to always know where they are in the records retrieval process. 

CSI is a resource to deliver cost-effective, professional, and comprehensive third-party record retrieval for all of your cases. We’re ready to help.

Remove the burden of records retrieval and focus on more value-added tasks instead. Courtroom Sciences understands the pressure and stress of managing the details of litigation. Our streamlined records retrieval service can help you secure the documents you need efficiently and accurately. Our litigation support services provide cost-effective, professional, and comprehensive third-party record retrieval for all of your cases. Please speak with one of our experts to get started. 

Key Takeaways

● Records retrieval is a time-consuming task that can cause delays in the discovery process.

● Streamlined records retrieval can help you efficiently retrieve records from custodians nationwide.

● Our dependable litigation support services come with years of expertise and knowledge for retrieving records quickly and efficiently.

● The experts at Courtroom Sciences will ensure that all available records are retrieved and reviewed so nothing is left out.

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