Transportation and trucking litigation

Benefits of litigation psychology for the industry

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The transportation and trucking industry has historically been an easy target for litigation. So, how can trucking and transportation companies better prepare to defend themselves for inevitable litigation? Our multi-part series on the trucking and transportation industry explains how companies can leverage multiple tools to improve their approach to their litigation.  

Hear Dr. Bill Kanasky, Jr. describe the advantages to trucking and transportation companies, plus their insurance carriers and legal counsel, of conducting litigation risk assessments early in the process.


Dr. Bill Kanasky gives an example of how a plaintiff attorney uses the reptile strategy to trap a deponent.


Trucking and transportation companies can prepare and protect themselves from plaintiff reptile attacks by ensuring witnesses are effectively trained, by a Ph.D.-level psychologist.


Dr. Bill Kanasky explains how a trucking or transportation company can benefit from having their drivers, safety directors, and other representatives go through a scientifically-proven neuro-cognitive witness effectiveness training program to prepare them for a combative deposition or reptile attack.


Learn how trucking and transportation companies are deriving benefit from conducting focus groups early in cases to identify key data and information to guide and inform decision making.


Dr. Bill Kanasky describes the benefits a mock trial offers a trucking or transportation company in their litigation.


Trucking and transportation companies see tremendous return on investment when engaging with a jury consultant that leverages the scientific method for data collection and research.


For even more insight, listen to our podcast on litigation in the trucking and transportation industry in the era of COVID-19. 

Reptile Theory at Deposition: Extinct or Evolved?

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