How to communicate about COVID-19

The priorities for company leaders

Sean Murphy

As a company leader, there’s a lot you’ll need to communicate as the coronavirus crisis progresses. For employees, it’s coming to terms with new work rules, layoffs, furloughs, or temporary wage reductions. For customers, it’s about how you’re prepared to meet their needs. Your job is to communicate clearly, keep people informed, and inspire confidence. Here are four priorities for every leader:


1. Make sure your messaging is right. For a lot of reasons, including the potential for future litigation, avoid the “your health and safety is our top priority” messaging trap.


2.   You should be scenario planning. The course of the crisis is changing every day. Plan your future actions and get communication materials ready.


3.  Plan for “normal.” How you manage your operations and communications in response to the crisis will determine the ease with which you can re-start when the time comes.


4.   BE VISIBLE.A crisis is a test of leadership and it is critical for company leaders to remain visible and actively communicate as the situation progresses.


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